Deal With The Devil - Episode 1
by Candice Carmody
Where is your mom right now?
Idk…I thought she was with you visiting Dad’s grave?
No, she isn’t.
Oh no. I was afraid this would happen.
Afraid what would happen?
There’s no time to explain.
Go and check her bedroom to be sure.
Be sure of what?
Don’t ask questions right now, Rachel!
Gran…You’re scaring me!
I’m sorry. Just please go check. NOW.
Just don’t let her see you.
And call me right away if she does.
Okay…I’m in the hallway. The door is closed.
Look through the keyhole.
What do you see?
Something is in Mom’s bed.
It’s Mom! She’s making a weird noise.
It sounds like an animal in pain. OMG—
It’s getting louder…It sounds horrible!
Rachel, get out of the house. RUN.
What? Why??!
What if Mom’s in trouble?
There’s something I haven’t told you…
What, Gran?
That noise you’re hearing…
It’s not your mother.
Rachel opens the bedroom door a crack and looks inside.
And she sees…
It IS her mother making those horrible noises.
Rachel wants to run to her.
But something holds her back.
She closes the door.
Rachel, where are you?
Are you still in the house?
Yes. I saw Mom…
Making those noises.
I told you, that’s not your mother.
I did something terrible.
Get out of the house NOW.
And I’ll explain.
Quick!!! You’re in danger!
Rachel runs down the stairs.
Just then the bedroom door opens.
Rachel can’t help but turn around.
But she’s horrified by what she sees.
It’s her mother.
But there’s something VERY wrong with her.
Come here.
I need to tell you something.
Mom, I can’t! I’m sorry…
Seeing her mother in such distress, Rachel has a moment of indecision.
In that moment, her mother grabs her by the wrist
With a hand that’s deathly cold.
It sends an icy shiver all through Rachel’s body.
Rachel, please, there isn’t much time.
A rivulet of blood trickles down Mom’s face, freezing along the way.
You need to listen to me.
Rachel manages to pull her hand out of her mother’s grasp.
She runs into the guestroom and locks the door.
She texts Gran.
Gran! Help! I’m in the guestroom.
Mom came out of the bedroom!
She didn’t look good, Gran.
And her hand was colder than ice.
Rachel’s mother starts pounding on the door.
Rachel, please! Unlock the door!
Time is running out!
I need you to do something.
Open the door and I’ll tell you.
Rachel’s phone vibrates with a text from her grandmother.
Rachel, where are you?
Gran, Mom wants me to open the door!
Do NOT open the door, Rachel.
But there’s a key in the kitchen!
She’s probably getting it right now.
Listen, Rachel. Can you get out through a window?
I think so.
You need to do that NOW.
Rachel opens the guestroom window and jumps down onto the lawn.
She runs into the woods behind the house and ducks behind a tree.
Panting, she texts Gran.
I’m out of the house.
But I had to run away from my own mother.
What’s going on?
I’m so scared!
Where are you now?
I’m in the woods behind the house.
You need to come to the graveyard.
But WHY, Gran?
You have to tell me why.
Or I’ll go back in the house.
Mom needs my help!
And I just deserted her.
Rachel, listen to me.
Your mother isn’t human anymore.
And that thing?
That thing that’s taken over her body?
It wants to kill you.