Life of the Party - Episode 1
by Ava Conway
Where are you? The party started an hour ago.
Something came up at work. Almost done.
Work can wait. You only turn 21 once.
I know -- be there soon.
Better hurry, Brad’s already broken into the beer I bought you, lol.
Brad? Brad’s at the cabin?
Yeah, why? Didn’t you invite him?
Are you sure it’s him?? What does he look like?
He said he’s your bff…
Which is weird, because you’ve never mentioned him before.
And we’ve been together for 3 months. What’s going on?
He’s not my best friend. Not anymore.
Really? What happened?
Tell you later. Just make sure he stays with the group.
It’s complicated. Just make sure he doesn’t wander off alone.
I don’t think he will. He likes being the center of attention.
I mean, look what he’s doing…
Lynn - I’m not joking.
Promise me you’ll keep him in the room with you and everyone else.
You’re acting weird. Stop it.
Sorry. What’s he doing now?
He’s telling us about how you guys came in 1st and 2nd in a hunting competition in high school.
He even showed us these…
Why didn’t you tell me you were a hunter?
Because I’m not.
Between work and school, I don’t have time anymore.
Is he still drinking?
Yeah, everyone is.
Damn. He promised me he’d stop doing this.
Doing what? What’s going on?
Did he find my rifle?
You have a gun at the cabin?
Lynn, just answer the question, please.
No. No gun. I don’t think he’s looking for it, either.
What’s he doing then??
Relax! He’s just telling stories.
Stories? About what?
He’s talking about the time you stole his girl out from under his nose, lol.
Excuse me?!
HE stole MY girl.
Then he bragged about it for months.
OMG, he does the best imitation of you!
Try to keep him calm and quiet.
I’m on my way.
Brad’s so funny. Why didn’t you ever introduce us?
I’ll explain when I get there.
This guy’s the life of the party.
I bet.
He’s trying to get us all to go skinny dipping with him in the lake.
Fuck. No.
Don’t go. Don’t let anyone go.
He’s dangerous.
Dangerous? You’ve got to be kidding.
What’s so dangerous about a late-night swim?
He says that you guys used to swim in that lake all the time as kids.
Lynn, I’m serious. Stay in the cabin,
Don’t go anywhere with him.
Oh, I get it now. You’re jealous.
What? No.
Look Nate, we’ve been through this.
I love you, but your jealousy is becoming a serious problem.
I’m not jealous.
Sure. Remember when you accused my older brother of sleeping with me?
That was gross.
Yeah, well, Drake’s disgustingly overprotective of you. It’s weird.
I swear that man hates me.
He hates everyone I date.
Anyway, I convinced Brad to give up on the skinny-dipping idea. Happy now?
Yes. I’m in my car. I’ll be there soon.
We’re out of beer. Brad offered to go into town to pick up some more.
It’s okay. I’ll go with him.
Don’t get in the car with Brad.
Several minutes pass.
Lynn, Don’t get in the car with Brad!
Nate, chill. First, you don’t want him to wander off alone…
Now, you don’t want me to go with him.
What’s with you tonight?
Please, Lynn. Just go back into the cabin.
Don’t go anywhere alone with that guy.
You have a lot of explaining to do.
I know, and I will. Just hang tight until I get there, okay?
Sorry, Brad was telling a story about how you both played hide and seek in these woods as kids.
You’re not in the car with him, are you?
LYNN, where are you??
The store is only 10 minutes away, Nate.
Shit. I told you not to get in the car.
Stop it. Nothing’s going to happen. I just…
Just what? Lynn, what’s going on?
It looks like someone is having car trouble. Brad’s going to pull over and offer them a hand.
NO! Don’t let him pull over.
Did he pull over? Where are you?
He told me to stay put while he went back to talk to the guy.
A GUY? Are you sure it was a guy and not a girl?
No, I’m not sure. It’s too dark.
There aren’t any street lights on this winding road, you know that.
Fuck. Turn around and Look carefully. Who’s he talking to?
I don’t know…can you tell who this is?
Not sure…
Me neither. Do you want me to go out and see?
NO! Stay put, Lynn. Don’t you dare leave that car.
A gun just went off.
It did?
Shit. I think Brad got shot! I have to go see. He might be hurt.
Don’t you dare. Don’t go anywhere near those people.
Omg. Someone is coming this way--and he has a gun!
Shit, shit. What am I going to do?
Stop typing and run, Lynn. RUN!!!!
Are you running?
Good. Keep running, Lynn. I’ll get there as fast as I can.
And keep texting so I know you are ok.
Several minutes pass.
I’m scared Nate.
I’m shaking and I’m crying and I’m scared.
What’s going on?
I opened the door and ran, just like you said.
The man with a gun started yelling at me.
What did he say?
I don’t know. I was too scared.
I just ran and ran. I could hear his footsteps behind me.
Where are you now?
I found a hiding spot. But I keep hearing gunshots—
Hang tight, bae. I’m coming.
Hurry, Nate. I’m not sure how long I can stay here…