Single AF - Episode 1
by Kayla Parent
Did you and Alex break up??
What?? Why??
He just walked into the party I’m at…
With another girl.
Are you sure it’s him??
But wait — DID you guys break up?
NO! I just talked to him an hour ago!
Ok, don’t freak out then.
Maybe she’s a friend?
Does she look like a friend??
If he’s cheating, I’m going to KILL him.
She looks like a friend…
With benefits 😬
They’re all over each other.
There’s something else…it’s really messed up.
What do you mean??
Promise you won’t freak out?
I know how you can get.
Just tell me!
He’s wearing a bright green t-shirt.
And on the front it says…“Single AF.”
My teeth grind together as I read the text.
What’s going on right now?!
Alex and I just made it official last month!
How can he be cheating already?!
I race to my closet and grab the first thing I see.
Then I text Maya on my way out the door.
Kylie, no.
You’re not feeling well.
I don’t care.
I’m not letting him get away with this crap.
Which house are you at?
…The Varsity lacrosse house.
Just try not to kill him, okay?
He’ll be lucky to get off that easy.
I break the speed limit on my way to campus…
Getting angrier with each mile.
Not to mention, my head is swimming.
Today I woke up with a pretty bad head cold.
I didn’t plan on going out tonight.
So I canceled at the last minute.
Clearly, Alex took it as an opportunity.
“Out of sight, out of mind,” is it?
We’ll see about that.
I press my foot to the gas.
Maya is right to be worried.
She knows how I get when I’m upset.
She calls it “dramatic.”
I call it “passionate.”
But my parents call it my “Godzilla” mode.
And now, Alex is about to see some teeth.
My car screeches as I pull into a parking spot.
I know I look as angry as I feel…
Because as I stomp up the steps to the lacrosse house…
Several students wisely step out of my way.
When I open the door…
The loud chaos of the party greets me.
I search the crowd…
And it doesn’t take me long to find him.
He’s by the kitchen…
Arm swung over some girl.
She’s kissing his neck…
And he’s doing nothing to stop her.
I see red.
My hands clench into fists.
Dirty. Rotten. Cheater.
As if he can feel my wrath…
He looks in my direction and our eyes meet.
I give him my sweetest smile…
But let my rage pierce into him.
He seems confused.
It’s as if he’s wondering why I’m upset.
Well, I’m going to enjoy setting him straight.
He’s about to wish he never messed with Kylie McCann.
My stomach drops as I text my brother.
Bro, your girlfriend is here.
She told me she was sick.
She’s not supposed to be out tonight.
Well something must have changed.
Because I’m looking right at her.
And from the way she’s looking at me…
I think she thinks I’m you!
This is going to ruin everything!
What do you mean ruin everything?
Alex…what did you do?
Are you still with Layla?
Yes, she hasn’t left my side all night.
Are you still in the t-shirt I gave you?
Yes, but now that you mention it…
Why did you make me wear this?
This isn’t a Stoplight Party.
No one else is in red or green.
Okay, don’t get upset but…
Oh great, here we go.
What did you do this time, Alex?
I want to break up with Kylie.
I’m desperate!
I knew her friends would be at the lacrosse house tonight…
And they don’t know I have a twin.
So I was hoping they’d see you…
Think it was me…
And tell her.
Then, she’d break up with me over text, since she’s sick.
Why didn’t you just break up with her in person?
I was scared, okay?
You don’t know how she can get.
You’ve had a lot of stupid ideas, Alex…
But I think this is your worst one ever.
And how could you involve me in this and not tell me?!
I’m sorry!
But what’s done is done!
If she comes up to you…
I need you to take one for the team.
Wait a second…
Is Layla even interested in me?
Or did you just pay this girl for your masterplan??
Nevermind about Layla.
What’s Kylie doing??
She’s just staring at me from across the room.
I’m kind of scared.
I’m surprised she hasn’t made a scene.
But then again, she never does what I expect.
She’s psycho.
…It’s actually kind of hot, now that I think about it.
You’re out of control.
I can’t believe you would do this to me.
I’m sorry!
Like I said, I was desperate.
Were you actually?
I’m not sure you understand the meaning of that word.
You need to deal with this problem yourself.
I’m leaving.
Probably for the best…
I bet she’ll realize it’s not me if she gets any closer.
Oh God! Too late!
She’s coming over!