Where Is She?! - Part 1
by Kayla Parent
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
There’s a baby crying.
I’m not home.
Wait until I get back.
It’s coming from the basement.
Don’t go down there, Tiff.
What? Why not?
There’s something about your father I haven’t told you.
Mom, there’s a baby. I can hear it.
Honey, please ignore it until I get home.
How am I supposed to do that?!
It’s getting louder…
Don’t go down there.
I’m warning you.
Are you not grasping the situation here?!
There is a random baby crying in the basement!
I know.
Just stay in your room.
Hold on… I think it stopped.
I don’t hear anything.
I’m going downstairs to check.
Tiffany please stay upstairs and wait for me!
Mom, I’m not staying upstairs!
I'm going to move closer.
What is this??!
I want to know what’s going on.
You’re so stubborn, just like your father.
Where are you now?
It stopped.
The crying. It just stopped suddenly.
I’m putting my ear up to the basement door…
It’s totally quiet down there.
Something doesn’t feel right.
Why would the crying just stop?
I don’t know the answer to that.
Do you know why there’s a baby in the basement?!
And a bloody blanket on the stairs???!
We’ll talk when I get home.
Mom, why are you being so elusive?
I want to know what the hell is going on!
five minutes later
Are you coming in or not?
Huh? I’m still about 20 minutes away.
Didn’t you just pull in the driveway?
Why would you think that?
I heard a car door slam about five minutes ago.
That wasn’t me.
It must be dad.
But why wouldn’t he come in?
It’s not your father.
How do you know?
I’m going to look outside.
Please be careful…
It’s a white car…
I don’t see anyone, though.
Is it a small white car?
Just tell me! Is it small??
Yea looks to be.
Tiffany, listen to me… go back to your room!
Lock yourself in!
Do you know whose car that is?
Just go!
OMG wait…
I think I see a shadow in the window…
It’s a woman
Don’t let her see you!
She’s crazy!
Who’s crazy?
Mom, who is that?
What is she doing now?
I don’t know…hold on.
Let me look outside…
Please be careful.
She saw me!
Now she’s pounding on the front door!
She’s crying and screaming dad's name!
Just ignore her.
It's going to be OK.
I'm almost home.
How is this OK?!
There’s a random baby in the basement and now there’s a psycho woman at the door!
I'll explain when I see you.
Just don't answer the door or go into the basement.
Mom, I'm scared.
She's knocking really loud.
She keeps screaming "where is she?!"
Is that her baby in the basement??
I've called the police.
Make sure all the doors are locked.
I think she’s trying to break into the house!
Is she on drugs or something??
Her hair is all wild and...
She's covered in blood!
I'm about 15 minutes away.
Where is dad?!
He's supposed to be here by now!
And why aren't you answering your phone?!
I'm in a cab and I can't talk.
It’s going to be OK Tiffany, calm down.
Oh God she has a rock!
She's going to break a window!
The windows will hold.
It would take a lot of force to break them.
This is insane!
I wish the police would come!
Mommy’s coming home soon.
She’ll take care of it.
Wait… she stopped.
I don’t hear anything…
Maybe she’s leaving.
Keep the doors locked.
I just looked out the front window.
I don’t see her but her car is still here…
How did you know who it was?
Who is she, mom?
Someone your father knows.
I knew nothing of her until recently.
I don’t understand.
What aren’t you telling me?
Today was a very bad day.
Oh great, now the baby is crying again.
I have to go down there.
Don't you dare, Tiffany.
It's not safe!
Go hide until I or the police get there.
I can't wait for the police they're taking too long already!
Honey, please. Stay put!
Mom I'm freaking out here.
I have to do something.
There's just...
There's so much you don't know.
Well, tell me!
I don’t understand what’s going on.
I didn’t want you to know.
Know what?
What your dad did.
What did he do?
How does he know this woman?
I don’t know how they met but…
They both regret it now.
What happened is irreversible.
Can you give me a straight answer please?!
Whose baby is that in the basement?
Your father’s.
A little girl.
What the hell do you mean it’s dad’s baby?!
He's been having an affair.
I didn’t want you to find out…
I didn’t want you to know what happened today.
Dad?! An affair?
It was a mistake.
At least, that’s what he told me.
I didn't want to tell you and disappoint you.
He tried to break it off with her…
But she went crazy.
Threatened to kill him...
He became worried for the baby's safety, so he took her.
Are you freaking serious!?
So that’s his mistress at the door?!
Yes, that's Jessica.
She's obsessed with your father.
I was hoping she wouldn’t take it to this level.
Dad is such a bastard!
I can't believe he'd do that to you.
And now I’m the one dealing with this crap!
I know. I'm sorry Tiffany.
Is that why he's been staying at hotels recently?
I know you two haven't been getting along...
He was worried Jessica would follow him home and harm the family.
This is terrible.
Are you OK?
I am now.
I feel much better.
Oh no…
I can hear her again…
She’s walking around the side of the house…
She keeps saying "where is she?!"
She knows her baby is here!
Go look from the upstairs bathroom.
Get away from the ground floor.
I can see her…
Omg Mom
I think she has a gun!
omg omg omg
Where are the police?!
On the way.
That poor baby!
I can't let that psycho woman find her.
I'm going down there to get her.
Tiffany, what did I say?!
Do not go into the basement!
It’s for your own good!
I have to do something!
I'm not hiding in a bathroom while my sister screams for help.
For once will you listen to me?!
Mom, I love you but I’m going downstairs.